Solar Eclipse Window Tinting installs solar-control window tinting that provides optimum performance and protection for your home or business. Our customers told us they wanted a window film for home or business applications that would make a difference without being noticed. They wanted a film that would cast a warm ambience, yet keep the surroundings cool, comfortable and glare free. They asked for a film that could help prevent furnishings from fading during the day, but with limited reflectance at night. See our gallery below.

We listened. At 72″ wide, OptiTune, SolarZone’s™ line of dual-reflectance solar-control films, is ideal for both residential window tinting and large commercial window tinting projects, and is available in 5%, 15%, 22%, 30%, 40%, and 55% VLT with water-activated adhesive.


Commercial and Residential Window TintingYou’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with our high-quality brand of solar-control window tinting.

  • Warm neutral interior appearance
  • Sophisticated external appearance
  • Low interior reflectance
  • High solar-energy rejection
  • Suitable for clear and low-E double glazing
  • 99% block of harmful UV rays that fade furnishings and threaten health
  • Alleviates eyestrain by reducing up to 94% of glare

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  • High total solar energy rejection of up to 85%*
  • Enhances interior comfort with reduced glare
  • Cooler and more comfortable living or working environment

It’s Easy To Get a Quote!

If you only have a couple of windows, simply take down the measurements of the base and height of each individual pane and call us. Within a few seconds we can get you an exact price and offer several options of window film.

Preferred Method

Generally our customers have quite a few windows they are interested in quoting, so we are more than happy to schedule a FREE, no pressure in-home or office visit. We will simply take some measurements, discuss all options, and then leave you with a quote along with samples in hand. Please feel free to call Eric Nunn at (817) 491-5999.

Did you know our window film can block up to 85% of the total solar energy from entering your windows.

This means tremendous energy savings and a product that will pay for itself in as little as 2-3 years!

Energy Star Protection



SolarZone Film

HanitaTek’s commitment to quality includes a twelve year limited warranty on commercial window films. This protects you against cracking, changing color, crazing, delaminating, adhesive failure—the film will look great for a very long time.

HanitaTek Window FilmsSeal Failure

Insulated glass units, made of double-paned glass separated by a gas space, are sealed to prevent water vapor from entering the gas space. Seal failure of insulated glass units without window film is common and leads to a murky or cloudy appearance. It’s often blamed on film application, though there is no evidence to support this claim. To give you the greatest peace of mind, Hanita Coatings offers our own warranty against seal failure. If you have a valid window seal failure warranty at the time of film installation, Hanita Coatings will insure the window against seal failure for three years after film application.

Glass Breakage

The application of window film can create additional thermal stress on glass windows. With the purchase of SolarZone films, Hanita Coatings includes Five Year warranty coverage in the event of thermal shock related glass breakage. You can receive up to $500 toward replacement of the window. This warranty covers only the glass and film combinations shown as acceptable in our film to glass chart in effect at the time of film installation. See the warranty form for details.