Solar Eclipse Window Tinting installs Global Window Films. From inception, Global has been marketing top-of-the-line professional grade window films.

Global Window FilmsInsistence on quality combined with advanced technology and a practical understanding of the business has made the Global brand a leading choice for professional dealers and installers throughout North America and the world.

Global Window Films are in a class apart. They are the result of a single-source, vertically integrated manufacturing process. Simply put, that means Global films are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, ISO-9001:2000 certified facility that makes just about everything that goes into their window films, from the base petrochemical intermediate (DMT) right down to the finished products. This eliminates dependency on other manufacturers enabling complete control over the entire manufacturing process—from polymers to packaged goods. That’s important because it ensures high quality and ultimately, total consumer satisfaction. View our photo gallery below.

Hanita TEK SolarZone WINDOW FILM

Introducing HanitaTEK’s newest film line using nano particle technology which offers super-high heat reflection with world class quality and longevity!  SolarZone automotive film from Hanita Coatings (Kotlav) takes a fresh approach to window tint film, combining superior aesthetics and performance with remarkable heat shrink properties for easy, efficient application.

  • HanitaTEK Window Films ApplicationFeel Cool
    SolarZone automotive films reject up to 73% of solar energy for a more pleasant passenger experience and reduced air-conditioning load.
  • Protect Yourself
    SolarZone works like sunscreen to protect your skin by rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV radiation.
  • Protect Your Car
    Protect trim, upholstery, carpets and fittings from the harmful UV radiation that contributes to fading, so your car looks better longer and maintains its value.
  • Stay Safe
    SolarZone window films help bond glass fragments in case of accidents, projectiles or flying stones. Check out our SolarZone Safe automotive security films. They make vehicle glass safer and more resistant to violent crime.
  • Stay Private
    Tinted films keep your possessions out of sight.
  • Stop Squinting
    Reduces glare from the sun or from headlights to reduce eyestrain on long trips and in busy city traffic.
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